If you have randomly arrived here or you are one of the few people I’ve told about this place, welcome. You have found my blog where I am actively exploring the depths of my film collection and documenting the experience. For what?

I love film and visual storytelling, barely more than I love searching the rubble of film clearance bins.

In a dearly missed half-decade span from 2008-2013 I acquired roughly 700 DVDs and Blu Rays. You’re probably either saying to yourself “holy shit, why would you buy that many movies,” or “pshhh that’s a start I suppose.”

I curated this collection on the cusp of streaming services really finding their pace and place to be able to compete with (ahem, dominate) chain stores and rental stores. So it’s with mixed emotions that I look back at that time and recount the excursions to rental store closing sales and big box store sales events where I witnessed the fall of the empire’s former film marketplace and pillaged it’s coveted treasures.

These days I’m much more selective when it comes to bringing any physical copies into my collection, mainly because I can almost always find a film streaming free or cheap in the empire’s new marketplace, and I just have so much other crap in my house, I really need to save the space.

There’s nothing too special about my collection – no signed copies or rare editions, maybe a few copies with bonus BONUS material. As for the films themselves I have a pretty great range spanning films everyone should see at least once to really bad movies. Think The Godfather to Toxic Avenger Part III, or better yet, The Godfather to The Godfather Part III.

I’ll never get rid of all of my physical copies, there’s too much nostalgia and I’ve watched enough sci-fi to heed the warnings of putting faith in the Cloud.  At the same time, I have films that I really do not care about and see no value in keeping much longer, and a fair amount of films that I never watched.

Recently I started re-categorizing my collection for the 50th time (sorting through physical copies is incomparable to clicking through digital copies on a screen) and I began wondering what to do with all of the films I don’t watch, and ended up sorting them into four categories:

  • Films I have watched one time and enjoyed, but never revisited
  • Films I have watched once and felt indifferent to
  • Film series I have started and never finished
  • Films I have never watched

The discovery of these categories (and the insistent calling to watch and think about film) inspired this blog. My intention is to embark on a journey of watching films in these categories and documenting my experience. Here are some goals I hope to achieve along the way:

  • Part ways with films I don’t want anymore
  • Watch all the films in my collection I never have
  • Find a new appreciation for films I watched and almost forgot about
  • Archive my film collection

You’re welcome to go on this journey with me. This isn’t a blog about the movies I believe everyone should see, the most violent horror movies ever made, or anything that’s thematically coherent probably. This is a random blog with random movies that happen to be collecting dust on my shelves. I’ll be pulling from those four categories of films and writing about the experience, and you’re welcome to join me for as long as you’d like.  

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